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About Me.

Passionate. I love my work. For clients, that means working with someone who is fully engaged – who is as committed to their goals as they themselves are. For employers, it means a team member who never phones it in, even when deadlines are tight and resources are scarce. For junior designers, it means a mentor who’s still excited by new ideas and approaches.

Experienced. A decade designing everything from magazines, to marketing collateral, to identity systems has taught me a lot. So, while I know that award-winning creative is nice, some other things are equally important. Things like accountability. Collaborative spirit. Efficiency. And the ability to keep a cool head no matter what the circumstances. I bring all these qualities to the table whether I’m leading and directing a design team or executing everything myself.

A photographer’s eye. My enthusiasm for photography informs and enhances my approach to design. In fact, I was recently invited to join Getty Images as a contributing photographer. View my Getty photographs or a larger body of work here:



Talents: Concepts, design, typography, photography, production management

Education: MA, Publication Design from the University of Baltimore; BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University.